Monday, December 14, 2009


So this morning one of the doctors from my obgyn called to see how I was. This is from the office that i feel failed Ben and I. I think they are calling to feel me out becuase they know they messed up. First of all I had been going to them for about 10 years so they knew my background. PCOS, and insulin resistence. So in September I went from my ivf doctor to them b/c everything was going well. At that 10 week appointment the obgyn tells me that she feels im hypertensive but i didn't agree with her on that b/c i had my blood test done over the summer. She just accepted that answer and told me to come back in 4 weeks. I had my first bleed from the hemtoma that week. As my doctor who has gone to med school and knows more about blood pressure and it's effect on pregnancy and with my other preexsisting conditions shouldn't she have said no i need to treat this or at least say come back in a few days and we will check it. But no she did nothing!. Then at my 4 week appointment i saw another doctor in that office and she said i needed blood pressure meds right away. But I had to go see my primary doctor b/c they couldn't monitor me. WHAT? I should have questioned that right away. I went to my primary doctor and she put me on meds and had me come in about every 2 weeks. So i went on bp meds then had another hematoma bleed. Went to the obgyn's office and they said i had a hemtoma and that everything was ok though. She actually said my chance of miscarriage with minimal. I didn't need bedrest. I did my own bedrest. Went back to work after a few days and had another bleed. Went to the office saw a different doctor asked about bedrest. He said I didn't need it. He checked me did an u/s and said everything was good. Went back 2 weeks later for u/s to see if the hematoma was going down. I was told it had gone down. Then at 18 week told my cervix had dilated and everything started.
So today when he called to see how i was he said that people with hematoma's acutally have a higher risk of miscarriage. THANKS FOR TELLING THAT TO ME NOW!! I COULD HAVE USED THAT INFORMATION ABOUT 3 MONTHS AGO!!!!

Needless to say im not going there anymore. I will now be going to a maternal fetal specialist.

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